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Buying Diamond Jewelry Wholesale – How To Do It

Have you ever wondered while taking a stroll down the flea market, where these jewelry vendors get their ‘cheap' jewelry from? Do you also wonder how it would be if you could also have a stall at these regular Sunday affairs, and made some money out of such an enterprise? If such questions crop up often in your mind, you might be interested in knowing that what you are looking at here is the wholesale market, which is the main reason why jewelry can be bought at such cheap rates. Some of the more popular wholesale markets are:


Costco (jewelry department is a must here)

Flea markets (a great venue for fabulous deals on vintage and antique diamond jewelry)

Bargain shops

Auctions (both online and off)

These are great places to sell jewelry at wholesale prices. The reason why you can get good deals is because the sellers are in a rush to sell off their old merchandise as they have to make room for fresh arrivals. Usually to get jewelry from wholesalers, you have to be a member of the group. Of course it is also true that the money you save from the wholesale jewelry often gets compensated by the high value of membership.

Wholesale jewelry can also be purchased at several online outlets where there is no membership feels but you have to pay the shipping charges. You could even visit online auction sites to get good deals for your wholesale jewelry. Online auction stores like EBay can offer prices for used items which are better than wholesale prices. You could also buy whole jewelry from retailers who sign up with EBay.

In case you are keen to buy jewelry online at whole sale prices, you could check various online stores as well as stores located near you. Simply ask for the wholesale prices and remember, the stores would be very keen to divulge the prices to someone who can buy in bulk. Look around and surely there will be stores which sell jewelry at wholesale prices. Finding one should b\not be difficult at all.

To locate diamond jewelry at wholesale prices can sometimes be bit of a problem because of the various flaws, etc which can occur. Either there is a flow or the cut of the diamond is not right. Nevertheless it is a good way to capitalize on the flaws and defects as you may land up paying less than you envisaged. Sometimes the jewelry is offered at a reduced price because it is off-season or a slow moving item. This in fact is the best opportunity to buy your diamond jewelry. This way you could sell it wholesale at a higher price. This can make you rich by hundreds of dollars and that is the whole point in getting into this exercise, anyway.


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