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Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

An oval diamond engagement ring would look like what its name suggest because it is an engagement ring which is egg-shaped. Historically the oval engagement ring became popular choice for a diamond shape in the 60s.


The cut of the oval diamond engagement ring typically appears to have fifty six sides or faade that suggest a bow-tie manifestation when light reflects on it.

Looking for an engagement ring is a crucial decision, the size shape and color of the ring should be appropriate for the bride to be. It can be compared to shopping for clothes; you have to carefully choose the color, size and design of the clothes that would compliment your figure.

This scenario is true when deciding for the perfect engagement ring. Because of the shape of the oval diamond engagement ring, it flatters fingers and consequently the wearer as well. The elliptical shape of this ring makes fingers appear slender and sexier.

When deciding the setting for your oval diamond engagement ring, you can opt enhance or tame the brilliance of the stone by having a platinum, gold or titanium band and setting it in tiffany to emphasize the stone or have it set in bezel to achieve a more retro appearance.

Men who want to buy an oval diamond engagement ring may discover that it is difficult to look for this kind of ring especially if it is a diamond solitaire since it is a rare find.

Colorless oval diamond engagement rings are not easy to find thus, their value is higher than that of colored oval shaped diamonds.

The oval diamond engagement ring can also pass as an heirloom, because of its classic cut and shape that was perfected in the 60s. Any woman would treasure this ring forever and pass it on for many generations.

When looking for jewelry and watch, make sure you visit the website that specializes in oval diamond engagement ring and diamond engagement rings.


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