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The Art Of Buying Loose Diamonds

What are loose diamonds?

Loose diamonds are more than one single diamond which has not yet been set on any piece of jewelry like a ring, pendant, etc. While these are getting very popular these days, loose diamonds are available in various cuts, shapes and sizes. You could buy one loose diamond and set it in any jewelry of your choice. For instance, a solitary diamond can be purchased and set into a ring the design and material of which is your personal choice. Similarly a cluster of loose diamonds can be purchased to make a bracelet for a new bride. Many people buy loose diamonds to make their own custom-made engagement ring.


Loose diamonds are available in a large variety of shapes. Some of the more popular shapes are round, pear, emerald, princess, and radiant cuts. Other shapes include oval, marquise, heart, asscher and triangle cut diamonds. Once you have decided on the shape of the diamond which suits your taste best, you must look for the four Cs which guarantees its quality before you make the purchase.

What are the four Cs?

They signify cut, clarity, carat, and of course the color. These are used to assess the rarity as well as the value of each single piece of loose diamonds. So any loose diamond which has the highest combined value of all the four Cs would be the rarest and the most expensive type of diamond. In such cases you might have to decide which of the four Cs is most important according to your priorities and choose the diamond of your choice.

The first C, or the cut of a diamond signifies the varied sizes and angles as applicable to a diamond. Clarity is all about the visible inclusions and spots within the diamond. It also includes any fractures or mineral deposition in a diamond. Needless to mention, diamonds with fewer inclusions would be more expensive than diamonds with multiple flaws. The carat signifies the weight of a diamond.

As the name says it all, the C for color rates the diamond in terms of its colors. Remember, the colorless diamonds are the better diamonds.

How to Buy Loose Diamonds

Choosing loose diamonds would depend on where you want them to be set or the occasion for which you are buying one or more loose diamonds. For instance, if you are buying loose diamonds for making an engagement ring, keep the personality of the wearer in mind. Now that you are aware of the various aspects of a diamond, it is expected that you will take an informed decision. Simply find the right dealer from whom you will buy your loose diamonds. They are available both online and offline. Reseller of diamonds or the various auction sites are good places to find a good price for loose diamonds. Of course, your last resort is to buy these from a diamond wholesaler.


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