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Know About Diamonds Before You Buy

It is difficult to find some one who does not care much for diamonds. Whether on a ring, on your ear studs, as a pendant or even as a wristlet, diamonds always seem to be a woman's favorite, and gradually a man's preferred stone too! Buying diamond may not be as easy you presumed it to be. If you go out to buy diamonds without having done your home work properly, you could easily be taken for a ride and an expensive ride at that! So the best option is to brush up your knowledge of diamonds with diamonds 101 so that you could make some wise decision. It might interest you to note that these days there are more fake diamond jewelry than the real ones and it is nearly impossible to differentiate one from the other.


The 4 C's of Diamonds

The first thing that you ought to be aware of when you decide to buy diamond jewelry is what the diamond business refers to as the four Cs. These are carat, cut, color, and clarity. Here the carat is the weight or size of the diamond; the cut explains the shape in which the stone is cut, the most common shapes are round, princess and the pear shapes.

While diamonds are available in a range of colors the colorless, or the near-colorless diamonds are by far more expensive than colored diamonds. Thanks to all the celebrities who have bought colored diamonds before you, these days the most popular colors of diamonds are pink, blue and yellow. Clarity, as the name suggests, refers to the flawless nature of the stones. There are some diamonds which have visible spots within.

Cut, carat, color and clarity are the most important factors which decide the price of the diamond. In case you find some one trying to sell you a diamond which scores less on clarity as there are some visible spots in it, you could bargain about the price of such jewelry. The same principle can be applied to colors. It does not make sense to spend a lot of money on yellow diamonds as it is evident that they are with flaw.

The setting of the diamonds is another important aspect when buying diamond jewelry. The brilliant sparkle of diamonds is what you should be looking for. Real flawless diamonds have some incredible sparkle. Mostly used as gifts, if you wish to gift someone with diamond jewelry, shop around till you find a piece which befits the occasion.

It is surprising that with so much increase in diamonds these days, the price does not seem to come down. With platinum becoming a popular metal for diamond settings, buying gold seems to be a cheaper option. With so many shapes and varieties of designs that diamonds are available, you could always find some jewelry which suits you and your budget. And do not forget, diamonds are indestructible. So you can enjoy these precious stones for ever!


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