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Discount Diamond Watches

Discount Diamond Watches

Gifting a diamond engagement ring is common practice from a man to his fiance when she accepts the proposal of marriage and this is seen not just in Spain but in several countries of the world. Of course these are very pleasant to look at but gifting diamond watches for men and women is also a useful concept. Many significant names of the industry create most of such fashionable pieces and jewelers usually concentrate on the various types of this jewelry.


Tacori the designer that has earned accolades for making diamond wedding jewelry which takes the best of both worlds - conventional patterns along with modern elegance. Hildago creates pieces that are quite colorful and even quirky, while Christian Bauer (a 130-year-old company) makes diamond jewelry to order and sells its engagement rings only through select retail outlets. If you think than any diamond is good enough for these flawless pieces, think again because only those diamonds which are approved for clarity and color can find their place on these items.

Diamond watches are adored both by men and women as a type of jewelry. The first wrist watches word were in fact, diamond bracelets with a puny timepiece mounted. A similar kind was gifted by Earl of Leicester to Queen Elizabeth I and it was the first of its type nearly 430 years ago and it had a small round clock with diamond inlay work which dangled from a wristband. Perhaps this was the first authentic diamond timepiece meant for use by the ladies.

On the other hand, till WWI, men liked to sport pocket watches considering wrist watches to be too feminine. The innovation of the airplane triggered the developmental process for the first wrist watch for men too. This happened because the early aircrafts had no fuel gauge and both hands were necessary for control purposes. A need was felt thus for a timepiece which would twin purposes of the pilot tracking his range and checking the fuel stock and not remove his hands from the controls so that he could have a look at his pocket watch.

It so happened that the time when diamond engagement rings became famous coincided with that of wrist watches for men. Today the three topmost makers of diamond watches are Cartier of France, Citizen from Japan and Movado from Switzerland The last name is synonymous to the saying \'runs like a Swiss watch\'. Making watches for the past 100 years, Movado is a company who has in its catalogue nearly 200 different and distinctive designs of diamond watches to choose from.

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