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1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring


Author: Alice Sy

Expressing love through diamond engagement ring though can sometimes be an expensive thing to do so that is where your creativity comes in. You dont need to be too grand with carats when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring and then spend much money for it to please a woman.

Settle for the 1 carat diamond engagement ring and you can have a lot of choices of styles to find that perfect ring suited for your loved one.

1 carat diamond engagement rings are available in different designs and for sure, one of them would make a perfect fit for your fianc and will surely be appreciated. The design will vary on the shape of the diamond. You may also take a look at the cut and how clear it is.

Also, do not base your buying of the engagement ring on the size of the diamond alone. 1 carat diamond engagement ring is enough already to cover the beauty, elegance and expensive characteristics of an engagement ring that every woman dreams of having.

But then, if you are really after the size, then strategically choose the one that would appear big, like the marquise or the pear type of engagement ring. You may also consider the accents around the diamond and the ones on the band. Also, white gold or the platinum engagement ring will also support and accentuate the beauty and the shine of the 1 carat diamond engagement ring.

The gist of choosing a 1 carat diamond engagement ring is to be practical and at the same time, find a design that will emphasize the beauty of the ring. After all, simplicity is always the key to elegance and it should not be expensive.

Now just think of how you can give that 1 carat diamond engagement ring you have finally chosen for your fianc and propose. Now that should be romantic and grand!

When buying jewelry and watch, make sure you buy from website that specializes in 1 carat diamond engagement ring and Lobor watch.


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