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Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring


Getting married is a major decision; you have to be ready financially and emotionally prepared before you tie the knot. Of course every woman dreams to have the perfect engagement ring, a bezel set diamond engagement ring would be one precious gift a man can give to his loved one.

A diamond has a true beauty of its own but it is enhanced when it is a bezel set diamond engagement ring. These kinds of engagement rings have a particular attraction because it enhances the diamond\'s brilliance especially if it is set in silver or platinum bezel setting.

The bezel set diamond engagement ring would particularly work for woman who prefers a retro style or have a vintage effect on their engagement ring. These kinds of rings are also best for those who prefer an active lifestyle because these kinds of rings protect the diamond itself since it surrounds the diamond.

When a diamond ring is also set in bezel, it would actually hide chips or imperfections on the side the diamond.

Prices of diamonds vary depending on the size, design and how it is set, in this particular case for a bezel set diamond engagement ring. Here are some of the points to consider:

If the diamond has a perfect cut and it does not really require to be set in bezel for the purpose of hiding its imperfections; the price depends on the size of the diamond, this price would be higher if the bezel set diamond engagement ring has intricate design that helped enhance the diamond\'s brilliance.

The bezel set diamond engagement ring is readily available in local or major jewelry stores anywhere, even online.

In case you plan to give your bride-to-be a truly special engagement ring, you could have it custom made, again this may cause you additional, but it\'s really worth it when you see the happiness it brings to your loved one.

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